Use Structured Data Markup
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Use Structured Data Markup

Your site’s structured data markup is one of the things you should work on when improving the local SEO of your business. It’s a simple enough task that won’t take a lot of your time but is useful in earning you some good points when it comes to search engine optimization.

Schema and It’s Importance in Your Local SEO

Do you know what a schema is? A schema is a model of a plan or thesis. When you equate the definition to local SEO, your website is the plan or thesis. Using structured data markup means you need to create a model for your site.

A schema is essential in local SEO because without it search engines won’t have a way to know about your business. You have your website to communicate everything about your business to your customers. But first, you need to communicate with the search engines crawlers through the schema.

The structured data markup is the schema of your website. It refers to the way your site is structured, which help search engines to learn about your business. The schema is much like a storehouse of labels that make it easier for search engines to identify and rank your site.

The recommendations given by Google are the foremost guidelines regarding SEO. On that note, Google recommends every website must use structured data markup. With schema markup, Google will be able to gather information about your business much better and improve search engine results.

There is another advantage in using structured data markup. If you label every element on your site, your users will also be able to find those site links on the results page. The labeled parts in your data markup will result in your website also ranking on those keywords.

Writing an Excellent Schema Markup

First, you’re going to need to check that you have a relevant schema for your website. There are free tools you can use for this, which let you know the web pages without an appropriate schema. When you have determined those without right schema, you can start creating one that follows the correct format.

If you have no idea about technical stuff, you can hire the services of a web developer. On the other hand, you can use the free tools available online. Once you’ve created the schema with the correct format, place it in your webpage then recheck it just like what you did before.

Choosing the Right Type of Schema for Effective Improvement of Your Local SEO

Schemas have different types, and you choose the one that is suitable for your kind of business. Make sure to use the right type of schema to ensure it effectively improves your local SEO. When you create your schema, always double check it before uploading to your site.

If you aren’t tech-savvy, it’s unlikely that the structured data markup makes sense on you. But it does if you look at it from a technical perspective. With a structured data markup, your website benefits from added credibility to search engine crawlers and, of course, improved local SEO.


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