Setup Google Analytics and Search Console
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Setup Google Analytics and Search Console

For business owners, decisions must be made after considering the available data. Making data-driven decisions also apply to your website. Every element of the site must be with a purpose and every action backed with enough data to tell you why you should or should not do it.

The question is, ‘how do you obtain the data you need to make decisions?’ Furthermore, how are those data analyzed to provide insights that will guide your decisions? In this article, you will learn about Google Analytics and Search Console, tools that will allow you to make data-driven decisions.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics software capable of tracking and reporting your site’s traffic. No matter the size of your business, you can use this tool to gather data that reflects the needs of your target customers. Google Analytics is a useful tool for preparing your marketing strategy.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is also known as Google Webmaster Tools, which can provide you with information about your website that you can’t find anywhere else. Using this tool, you can find out how a search engine sees your site allowing you to check for broken pages, see errors, and more.

How to Set Up Google Analytics

Here is how you can set up Google Analytics for your site.

  1. Sign in to a separate Google account for your business, preferably, with the same mail ID as your Google My Business (GMB) listing.
  2. After signing in, click “Sign Up” on the right-hand side of the screen and choose either to use Google Analytics for website or mobile.
  3. Fill in “Account Name” while also adding multiple websites under your account, if you want. Within the Website Name, input your business’s exact name.
  4. Fill in your site address, choosing either HTTP or https depending on whether you have an SSL certificate or not.
  5. Choose your industry category, which helps you benchmark data from businesses similar to yours. Pick the most relevant one if nothing fits your business perfectly.
  6. Check the check boxes asking permission for sharing your data with Google if it’s okay with you. Accept the Terms and Conditions once you’ve picked “Get Tracking ID.”
  7. After you’re finished in setting up your account, the last step is to install the code using different methods such as adding on your site files or uploading on your website.

How to Set Up Google Search Console

Here is how to set up Google Search Console on your site.

  1. Sign into your Google Account, which must be the same as your GMB listing.
  2. Get started by clicking the option on the top-right-corner where you’ll be asked to input your website address.
  3. Verify your site by uploading an HTML file, signing into your domain name provider, using Google Tag Manager or verifying via Google Analytics.

Both Google Analytics and Search Console help you learn some valuable insights on how your website interacts with search engines. Using Google Analytics and Search Console, you will be able to know the errors on your site and fix them to improve your SEO.


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