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Testimonials Must be Added to Your Website

When you shop online, what is your process? Do you look at an e-commerce website and search for variations of the needed/wanted items, considering if there are various brands and/or various sellers? Then use that information to compare the features of each along with the credibility and price? Do you look at product reviews left by other customers?

Likewise, if you want a possible customer to visit your store or use your services, the credibility of your brand is a must. So is adding testimonials from existing customers.

Reviews by Customers Will Affect Your Local SEO

Customers in your immediate area can help your business with their testimonials. Why?  Because it is extremely relevant to new visitors as it allows them to see what type of products and service you offer.

In addition, adding feedback and reviews from your local customers is a boost to local SEO, which is how search engines rate your website. You don’t want to overcrowd or stuff your website testimonial page, though – if it is too cluttered and messy, nobody will read it.

Review widgets on websites have become common practice today for business. A widget will pick up your feedback and review on your business’ Facebook page, Google or Yelp profile, then showcase it, linking to your website. This saves you the time of building and designing an element on your business website.

Don’t forget to post customer reviews to your website, either. While some business owners find that isn’t necessary, online directories and social media sites ask users for star ratings in addition to their review.

Today’s prevalent practice among business owners is to send customer’s review requests via email and/or SMS, which can be done with a tool that does mass emails to your database. You can use a pre-designed template that offers hints of keywords or phrases for customers to use.  Your website’s keywords will improve in ranking when you showcase these reviews, and your local SEO will get a boost as well.

Don’t forget about adding a backlink at the end of each testimonial, an encouragement for visitors to click and visit your website. Adding testimonials from your customers will help you add customers because it shows your gratitude for taking their time to leave a review. When potential customers see satisfied customers, they’re more prone to do business with you.


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