Do You REALLY Need Your Website to be Mobile Friendly? YES!
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How many times during the course of your day do you see somebody looking at their smartphone or some other type of mobile device? Unless you never leave home or watch television, you probably can’t keep count, right?

So, with that being said, how many customers or potential customers of yours are trying to view your website on their mobile device? If you’re still of the mindset that they are visiting your website via the traditional way (desktop, laptop), then you must never leave home!  Your customers, even worse, your potential customers, are not getting the full effect of your website! And that means wasted money on your part.

Even if your traditional website is just a few years old, it most likely was not designed for mobile-display, meaning, that the mobile devices aren’t allowing it to render well for anyone visiting it. You can check your website here and Google will be glad to let you know if your website is mobile friendly or not.

This is a very important issue that you need to address now. All that effort and money that you have put into getting your website designed and launched is not getting you the best ROI if it isn’t mobile-friendly. Here, we want to share some basic information and top considerations about just how important it is to have a website that is mobile compatible.

A Mobile-Friendly Website – What is That Exactly?

In general, a mobile-friendly website is designed so that it is properly displayed on the smaller screens of smartphones and mid-sized tablets. A mobile-optimized website will adjust automatically to the smaller screens, and the content is formatted so that the text is easier to read, the site is easy to navigate, the buttons are user-friendly, and most of all, the download speed is fast.

What Makes a Mobile-Friendly Website so Important?

If the visitors to your website can’t get to what they are looking for, or don’t see it easily, while on their mobile device, they will simply go to the next guy’s website. Having an easy time on a website will give them a positive experience and they are more prone to click and call or even better, click and buy.

Is Your Company Website Mobile-Friendly?

The straightforward way to tell is to put yourself in your customer’s place and pull up your website on your own smartphone. Does it display the content on a scale that is easy to read? Does it allow easy navigation?

So, what if you are one of the few people that still doesn’t have a smartphone or other mobile device?  Then use this link from Google to test your website. This Mobile-Friendly Test is an effortless way to check if your company’s website fails or passes the test. If it passes, congratulations! But if it fails, then give Quantus Creative a call today to talk about converting your company’s website to be mobile-friendly. The sooner, the better. You’re losing money as we speak.


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