Provide Accurate Data on Your Google Listing
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Provide Accurate Data on Your Google Listing

Just like how you don’t want to go to a wrong location and waste your time, your customers won’t appreciate the same thing with your website. To prevent this, take the time to create your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Why It’s Important to Provide Accurate GMB Listing

Most people today use Google Maps and GPS navigation either when walking or driving to a place where they need to be. It’s not surprising to use the same technology in businesses, which is why you should pay attention to GMB listing as well.

Besides creating your GMB listing, it’s essential to make sure you provide accurate details. More specifically, you ensure the details on your GMB listing are just like those in your website and other directories. Furthermore, make sure complete information about your location is on your site.

Accuracy is necessary so that search engines will only pick up the correct information about your site and business. It’s quite important when it comes to your branding since if the information is inconsistent, it will result in your customer’s confusion.

Things to Consider in Your GMB Description

In GMB listing, Google asks for necessary information. Here are some of the things to consider when you create your GMB listing.

  • NAP

NAP details are incredibly important. If you have an incorrect business address and phone number, it can hurt your income revenue. The business must be the same across the web and if you changed address, don’t forget to replace it. Make sure to keep the details uniform anywhere online.

  • Website Address

Since most businesses today have websites, Google also includes info on a business website on their GMB listing. Google connects the website address you entered in the GMB listing with your business. This way, when a search of your product or service comes up, Google pulls up your listing.

  • Business Hours

Your regular business hours are also included in GMB listing.  The info for this field must only be the applicable servicing for your business. On the other hand, you can also list particular timings if you have them on weekends, holidays or special occasions.

  • Categories

When you create your GMB listing, don’t forget to choose the category of your business. It can be tricky, but it’s crucial since your choice here can affect all aspects of the SEO of your business. On that note, make sure to read up more about business categories before you make your choice.

  • Additional Details

Besides basic business information, you may also include further details. If you want to clarify your business more, you can put up extra information in this field. For instance, if your business is a restaurant, you can add your menu or other services you offer.

Besides the things you should mention that are stated above, don’t forget the info you shouldn’t mention. It includes any display links, voucher codes or offers you’re promoting, any misleading or offending content. When you’ve filled all the details, the next step is to complete the verification, and you’re done.


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