Kindness Animal Hospital
  • 8211 E. Regal Place #214, Tulsa, OK 74133
  • (918) 794-2758

Kindness Animal Hospital

Kindness Animal Hospital

At Quantus Creative, we know that a website is only good if it attracts the right customer to see it. So, Kindness Animal Hospital needed a website that was targeted, produced organic web traffic and led to actual sales.

In November 2014, we launched an SEO campaign for with optimized content that targeted their primary audience. Our SEO services have helped engage users that come to their site to call, request an appointment or contact them via email.

Our work continues to grow Kindness Animal Hospital’s business over two years later! Over the last year, Kindness Animal Hospital has seen an increase in organic rankings and traffic. In fact, traffic and organic rankings have been increasing each year since 2014.
Kindness Animal Hospitals online success story continues as they continue to work with Quantus Creative.

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