Why You Need SEO For Your Business
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Why do you need SEO (search engine optimization) for your business? To help it grow. You thought all this time it was about getting clients, right? Well, how do you think you get those clients in today’s business? SEO, that’s how.

More and more of the today’s consumers are using computers to find where they can get a service performed or where to buy products. From their desktop or laptop to their smartphone, SEO is how potential clients will find you.

We’ve talked about what SEO is before, but let’s review. Search Engine Optimization is the use of keywords and/or key phrases that direct potential clients to a website. A good SEO plan for your website can help your business in three ways.

1. Visibility – it makes your business easier to find, and when potential clients can find you, you’re going to have more opportunity to sell your products and services.

2. Credibility – it gives your business credibility in your industry because you’ll be seen as an expert and leader which can be done by posting blogs on your website, linking to your social media pages, creating YouTube videos, and hosting podcasts.

3. Competition – with well-managed SEO practices, your business will stand out above your competition with potential client’s online searches.
Cost-Effective and Measurable

SEO is cost-effectiveness and even better, the measurability is one of the most exact tools a business owner can have. To create a SEO foundation that is solid, here are 4 things that are a must:

1. Know Your Keywords
Keywords are the words most commonly entered in Google or other search engines that lead consumers to websites. By knowing the best keywords for your business’ industry, you’ll have an advantage over your competitors.

2. Your Domain Name
The keywords that are pertinent to your business should be used in choosing your domain name. Cute names and obscure names should be avoided.

3. Create Good Content
The keywords should be scattered all throughout your website, and they will change from time to time.

4. Measure and Adjust
SEO offers you the ability to measure what you’re doing and how it’s working. You can change your keywords from time-to-time to see what is getting the most pull.

This can all be confusing and overwhelming, but with the expert team here at Quantus, we will work with you from the ground up. Give us a call today and let us help you determine if your website is working for you or helping your competitors!


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