Why Local Business Citations are Important to Your Business
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You’ve heard this buzzword “citations” and how they make a difference in the traffic your website gets, but do you know what they are and how they can make a difference? Quantus Creative would like to offer you some information that may help.
There are several factors that affect your website’s ranking, and citations are a strategic factor. They are about 25% of all the factors in fact. The following is an example breakdown of the different factors that affect your site’s ranking. Keep in mind that with a link or without a link, a citation can be in one of these forms:

  • The Company Name Alone
  • The Company Name with the Phone Number
  • The Company Name with the Phone Number and Address
  • The Company Name, Phone Number, the Address, and the Link

While the phone number alone is a citation, the more complete the citation, the better. The company name, address, and phone number should be included. When only one or two of these are used, it is considered a partial citation.

The definition of a citation is something like your company’s name, and address is mentioned on other web pages, with or without a link to your company’s website. One example of a citation is an online yellow pages directory. There your business may be listed but without your website link.

Other places where citations can be found are on the pages of a local chamber of commerce or a local business association. There your business’ information can be listed, but not linked to your website.

Where are Citations Seen?

Citations are an important element when it comes to Bing and Google algorithms and ranking your website. With all other factors being an equal state, businesses with a larger number of citations will most likely rank higher than those businesses that may have fewer citations.

There are companies that will automate building citations for a fee such as Marketer’s Center. Or, you can give us a call here at Quantus Creative and let us take care of building local citations for your business.

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