Keep Your Company Safe From Hackers – It’s Important to Your Clients!
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Your company needs a website for business. What you don’t need are unwanted intruders, i.e., hackers. When your website goes live, you have unlocked the door and laid out a welcome mat for hackers. So, just like you have locks on the doors for security of your building, you need to secure your website, too.

Electronic thieves are fast. They are invisible. They know how to search through your website and find the details and information of your customers, like bank and credit card information. It is your legal obligation to make sure your website is protecting that data and to report any breach of security, should there be one.

Quantus Creative offers the following tips to keep your website safe and secure, thus keeping your client’s information safe and secure, too.

Keep Updated

There are plenty of websites to subscribe to so that you are aware of any possible threats. By staying in tune, you can put the needed precautions in place, thus being pro-active and not re-active.

Get Tough

Make the log-in IDs and passwords tough. Make sure anyone that has admin permissions has created tough-to-guess log-ins, too. The default database prefix of “wp6_” should be changed to random characters that will be harder for hackers to guess. The number of attempted log-ins should be limited, too, including the number of password resets. Remember, email accounts get hacked. Thus, unauthorized and unwanted users can gain access to your company information.

Use Updates

You spend money on software updates – use them. When you don’t stay updated, you’re leaving the door cracked for hackers to sneak in, thus making your website vulnerable. If one hacker gets in, you can bet they are letting their network of fellow hackers know about it.

Tight Security

Set your system up so that log-ins expire after a certain period of time. Make it company policy for passwords to be changed frequently and instruct your employees not to write them down! When new devices are plugged into your network, they are scanned for malware. You have to be alert and prepared for security around the clock.

Firewall a Must

A WAF (web application firewall) is a must-have. You spent this much money so far, now is not the time to cut back. It can be hardware or software based and will sit between the data connection and your website server. It will read each bit of data that passes through and keep out the unwanted.
These are just a few tips to help keep your company website safe. Keep watch here on the Quantus Creative blog for more tips!

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