Why Isn’t Your Website on Page 1 of Google?!
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So, you have a web site now, and when you do a Google search, it is on page 8 or page 10 or further back. Why? Did you know that only 8.5 percent of people doing online searches ever go to the 2nd page? And, the 3rd-page get’s drastically less. And, so on and so on.

Are you getting frustrated with your SEO company? Well “breath in, breath out” as a former boss used to tell me when things weren’t falling into place. It takes time. It takes a lot of time. Yes, Google ranking is important, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

So, how do you get to page 1 of Google ranking? Well, to be honest, nobody knows for sure. Even Google isn’t sure. The first thing you must realize, you, your SEO company or even Google can’t control your competition. We can all assume what they may do, but nobody can know for sure. Unless you have an undercover spy, and we know you don’t want to stoop that low.

Just because your SEO company has a plan to move your ranking up, that doesn’t mean your competitor isn’t creating their plan. So, we can’t just match them; we have to outrank them. If they have been working on their ranking for a while, it is going to take some time for you to close in on them. What you have to realize, Google ranking is a slow and persistent process.

Google implements major updates periodically. They have a “fresh crawl” that causes small fluctuations constantly in the rankings and their deep crawl that indexes a bigger portion of what’s on the Internet, too. The details of how Google works is complicated, detailed and perplexing. The short side of this explanation is that Google can’t even determine how all these factors they have in place work with each other.

One thing that is for sure, the success of your website starts with the quality of it. If you have one of those “build it yourself” free to low cost websites, it probably won’t rank. If you don’t update your website frequently, it won’t rank. If Google has penalized your website at any time, getting that fixed is the ultimate “must do.” After you get that fixed, you’re pretty much starting over.

You must also realize that there is not a start date and end date to search marketing. A search campaign is a long-term goal to create your branding. It will define your audience and learn what they are searching for; it will engage them and build a relationship.

After all that, what do you get in return? You will get their business and the opportunity to establish their loyalty. Once you understand this concept, you will realize that how long it takes to get to page 1 of Google ranking isn’t the focus. The focus is staying there once you get there.

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