Are Google’s Changes Killing SEO?
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A common question we hear is, “Is SEO dead?” and that topic can cause heated discussions within the industry. There are people who say that if you think SEO is dead, then you don’t understand it. Others will say now that Google is “working” better, there is no need for SEO because the purpose of SEO was to beat Google at its own game. Well not exactly, but sort of.

The changing of time is evident when we look at the company MOZ. They just changed their name to SEOMoz. So, does this mean that we are seeing the start of a professional association separate from SEO?

It All Depends on Your Definition of SEO

If you use SEO with the purpose of manipulating the various search engines to replace the sites that are ranking well and maybe don’t deserve it, then the answer is yes, SEO is either dying or dead. According to some experts in the industry, SEO is simply an acronym; it is forgotten that the purpose of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

So, when we look at it from its original purpose, it is meant to make a website more visible to search engines, anyway. It wasn’t ever meant to be a way to manipulate a website’s way up the Google rankings.

Black Hats, Gray Hats, White Hats

SEO has always been broken up into two different camps, with some overlapping. One camp works to truly make websites better. The other camp works the system to get poorly designed websites to rank better, even though they really don’t have any clout.

From all algorithm updates released by Google, we can see that many of them were aimed at specific SEO tactics. In particular, Panda targeted websites that had duplicate or weak content as well as websites that had too many on-page ads. Or Penguin, that looked for websites that were over-optimized with anchor text. And we can’t overlook the updates that aimed for domain names that were rich with keywords.

Is Your Website SEO Strong?

All of this may sound confusing to anyone that doesn’t understand SEO. So, how can you know if your website is liked by Google or other search engines? Give us a call at Quantus Creative and let our team check it out for you.

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