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Get on Social Platforms

Is your business on social media? If not, you’re probably asking why should it be? You may think that social media is nothing but a, well, social place, where people share pictures of their kids, their political views, jokes, and memes.

If that is all you think that social media is used for, you’re wrong. Not only are people posting pictures and political opinions, but they are also talking about the products and services they have used and experienced. And, they aren’t shy about posting the name of the company they got it from!

Whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, or some other form of social media, you can bet that they have mentioned your company name and how they were treated in a post for everyone to see. But what happens if your company brand isn’t on any social media platform? How are customers going to find you and read reviews about you, much less rate and review their experience for others to see?

Social Media and Its Advantages

Being on any social platform has multiple benefits for every business. The following are just a few of the biggest benefits:

  1. Reach People You Haven’t Before

By being on social media, a primary incentive is increasing your brand’s awareness. Chances are, your customers are on one or more social media platforms, so by establishing a presence there, you’re staying in front of them. But it isn’t enough just to have a Facebook page – you need to regularly be active, too, in order to gain a following.

Advertising is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube. By advertising on these social platforms, your brand will reach more people which gains more awareness. And this form of advertising won’t take a chunk out of your budget.

You can also increase your brand’s awareness organically, meaning you need to post something daily on your business’ Social media pages. Establish your company’s authority, keeping in line with your goal of gaining more followers. This is done by posting content that shows your leadership in your industry.

  1. Reconnect With Your Customers

When it comes to being on social media, the direct reason is for customers. Every social media platform allows you to reconnect with your customers, even if they are using one of your competitor’s products or services. It can seem like an intimidating, maybe unnerving, task to build community and keep it engaged, but it is just a matter of discussing the things that are important to them. From informative content to motivational postings, to tidbits of information each day, it is a way to stay connected with your customers.

Consumers today will review brand before they interact and/or after they have intermingled with it. Why is this important to you? On Facebook for example, after a customer has checked a brand, they get a notification asking them to rate the business and provide a review. Those reviews then spread out to their friends and the cycle is then started.

  1. Build Your Brand’s Identity

Social media must be included in your planned strategy using digital marketing. Marketing via social media is today’s marketing done by word of mouth or social media posting. While this is a seemingly simple format, it is lucrative and worth putting time into getting it going.

The market is ready to be caught and you simply need to have your lasso tied and ready to throw it. It is important to build an identity that represents your brand in regards to social media because it is a primary channel to broadcast the identity of your brand.

Consumers can relate better to a brand when there is a story built around it. By aiming at creating an emotional connection with the audience you choose to target in a way that your products or services talks to them. This social media platform is huge and is just what you need.

  1. Social Media and Local SEO

One of the biggest plusses you’ll see by setting up profiles on various social media platforms is the local SEO. Each social media handle you create will backlink to your website and is there as a gateway inviting more visitors to come to see your site. Think of it as an online directory and the more you are actively participating with them, the more your brand will benefit.

For example, post an image of your store and tag the location. This will enable your customers located in the same area to locate you. Any local activities and events that you participate in, be sure to check-in on the social media platforms you join. This will let your customers and the surrounding community know that you participate in the community.

  1. Drive Traffic → Generate Leads → And Convert!

Your social media platform efforts can drive traffic to your website. You then convert that traffic into followers and then into customers.  After all, the objective is to be able to convert every follower into a prospective customer.

By using social media for your advertising, you can generate leads, and with content pieces that you post, or by creating contests that are simple, yet engaging, or post contests, discounts and offers, directly through the social media platform.


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