Those Facebook Quizzes are Putting Your Identity at Risk
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Have you heard of before? If you’ve participated in those silly quizzes on Facebook, knows you… and everyone else that participated in those quizzes. So, do yourself a favor, make one of your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions to get educated and share that education with others about keeping their private data, well private. does not exist simply for your entertainment and fun, which is free by-the-way. They benefit, directly and indirectly, from the personal information that you and everyone else feeds into those quizzes. It is no secret that most people that are on social network pages do not lock their settings and check to see what is happening in the background. The folks at take advantage of that lack of security. They get access to your email address, your list of friends, your pictures, and your timeline posts. Simply because you can’t resist those silly quizzes like:

“Which friend is your total opposite?”
“Who is your gossip partner?”
“Which friend could be the peanut butter to your jelly?”

So, putting the topic of Facebook and the topic of privacy in the same article may seem odd, right? Facebook is a public forum and privacy is private, so putting them together just doesn’t seem right. Any of us that use Facebook have seen the postings about “I declare what I post to be my private information and I do not give Facebook permission ……”. What you may not realize, that really doesn’t do any good because whatever you put up there is Facebook’s property. That means you could be exploited in several different ways if somebody was so inclined to do that.

If you visit the Meaww website, you’ll see those quizzes, which have a social component to them. It can be hard to resist finding out “Who is most likely to be in jail with …,” but can’t answer those things for you if you don’t furnish them your information. The company does post a disclaimer on the bottom of their home page that proclaims: “All content is provided for fun and entertainment purposes only,” but do you really want to trust that disclaimer?

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