Is Your Company’s Website Trustable?
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When somebody is surfing the internet in search of a product or service that your company can provide, is your website one they feel they can trust? Or, does it look like a flimflam operation?

There are many ways your website can establish a trust with those that are just “surfing” by as they search for what they need. Some of the most common ways are:

  • Client Testimonials
  • Licensing
  • Social Media Assets
  • Trust Badges

However, a recent report found that even though these elements do have value with them, people surfing the internet are looking for more to give them areason to believe they can trust a company. What are they looking for? Well, take a look:

Contact Information

Over 50% of all the users that were surveyed said that a lack of good thorough contact information made businesses seem to be not as trustworthy as one that provides a variety of ways to contact them. So, how do they react when they come across a website with little to no contact information? They keep on surfing.

While that little statistic may shock you, what shocked us here at Quantus was that over 5% of those surveyed said that most company websites didn’t have any contact information at all!

Lesson: If you don’t provide accurate and complete contact information on your company website, prospective customers are passing you by.

Product and/or Service Information

Almost 90% of those surveyed said that the information they look for on a website is about a product or service they need. Almost 50% of those same respondents said that many companies’ websites do not offer a clear message about their products and/or services. This raises a red flag for them and they click on past those websites.

Lesson: If your homepage doesn’t define with clarity what products and/or services your company offers, you’re losing potential business.

The About Us Page

Over 50% of those who responded to the survey said that the company’s “about us” page needs to be honest and thorough if a company wants to earn a customer’s trust.

Lesson: Things like having a bio for your employees, those client testimonials and a history about te company establishes credibility.

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