Is Your Company on Twitter? Well, it Should Be!
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So, you got up with the times and got a website. Then you added a blog to the website. You’ve even gone with a mobile website and had a Facebook account set up. Now, your social media guru is asking you about getting set up on Twitter. You’re thinking good grief, what is that and why would I want to do that?

Well, money is tight for everyone and Social Media marketing budgets are thin. Whether or not to advertise on Twitter or not is an ongoing debate. Is it as valuable and worthwhile as other social platforms? There have been hundreds of articles written about this subject.

Whether you want to spread that already thin marketing budget another layer on Twitter advertising or not is mute if you don’t have a presence on there. So, your first order of business in regards to this social platform is to get setup – yes, it is beneficial.

Whether you have ever looked at Twitter personally or professionally, your brand most likely exists on there already. This means that you have customers looking for you as well as potential customers and, even more interesting, your competition.

So, what benefits are there for your company to be on Twitter? Let’s take a look at three good reasons:

Listen and Learn

Twitter is a great place to spy on your competition if you keep your ears and eyes open. Here you can learn what customers are saying about brands like yours by paying attention to the things that are being said and by the following:

  • Hashtags
  • Experts and Leaders
  • Your Competition
  • Improve Customer Service

This is actually the most important reason you want to be seen on Twitter. You need to check it every day multiple times. Here you can encounter customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction issues. Believe it or not, the world of consumers is quick to go social with their concerns and their praises, and they expect companies to respond and act upon those things.

Use it or Lose It

We’ll call this claim staking for all intents and purposes. Twitter is a fluid atmosphere with an environment of identities that come and go. Successful companies and famous personalities have been able to keep a baseline presence. They do this even when they aren’t active on Twitter.

Whether you like this platform or you don’t, your brand is getting discussed on Twitter, and thus your digital footprint has been created.

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