Does Your Company Have a LinkedIn Page?
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We discussed the importance of Facebook here earlier this year. It is needed for businesses today to be found, to be noticed and it is an inexpensive (even free if need be) way to advertise. So, what about LinkedIn – the next big social media outlet? Does your company have a LinkedIn account?

LinkedIn? Just Exactly What is It?

Where Facebook is more of a “fun” type of social network, LinkedIn is where you’ll find businesses and professionals connecting. It is a social media space that has a professional appeal and sense to it. It is used by job seekers looking for employment, and it is used by companies that are looking to hire. It is a social space where people come together to make professional connections instead of personal connections like Facebook.

Is it a ‘Must Have’ For Business?

Yes, in today’s social media world, it is. For a business, utilizing LinkedIn will give your business more exposure to potential customers. As well, it is the place where you not only make professional connections, but you can participate in industry-related discussions, allowing you to become a ‘go-to’ source for your industry. The small businesses of today that want to be successful will have both a Facebook page and a LinkedIn Page.

Quantus Creative Can Help

For that exposure you want for your business, social media marketing is the way to go, but it can be confusing and maybe overwhelming for some business owners. This is where you can turn to us for help. We have experts on board that not only know how to design a great looking website and optimize its SEO, but we can help you set up a Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media page and get your company in the game!

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