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Manta released a great article recently about what should a website consist of. While many businesses want all these “bells and whistles” to make their web site dance, flash, and pop, are they giving their customers what they need and want?

It probably isn’t any surprise to you, (and if it is, then where have you been?) that the majority of the public, almost 100% in fact, will do online research before they buy something. Yup, you read that right … almost 100% of all consumers do online research now before they buy a product, try a restaurant or even try a service of any kind before they buy. Still, most websites of small businesses are missing some of the key elements that their customers look for.

If you have a website currently, or you’re planning on releasing one soon, here are some basic things not to be overlooked:

Business Hours: Days and hours you’re open. If they vary, list each day. If you’re closed for lunch, list it.

Business Address: State your physical address so your customers can find you. If your location is a little bit hidden by a bigger business, state that on there. You aren’t giving them a free plug. You’re giving you customers a way to find you. (Behind the 7-11 or next to the Exxon gas station).
Business Phone Number: No matter how clear the address and directions you put on there, somebody will get lost. Help them out by listing your phone number.

Easy Navigation: Don’t make them go through a lot of clicks to find stuff. They’ll just keep on clicking right past you and on to your competitor.
Update Your Site: Websites get old looking after a while. Revamp your website to freshen it up and you’ll see an increase in visitors and probably business, too.

Remember, if you lose a customer’s attention on your website, you’ll probably lose a sale. As well, making your website mobile friendly is almost a must-do these days. The biggest part of people researching websites today are doing it via mobile devices. Don’t make it hard for them.

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