You Can’t Ignore the Importance of Social Media Anymore
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Attention business owners! You can no longer ignore social media. It is not a passing phase and if you’re looking to grow your business, you need to get on board with this outlet. Social networking is where friends solicit opinions on products and services. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating social media’s importance.

There are conversations taking place all day, every day, on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media channels on making purchase decisions. Converting those conversations to actual purchases is key to growing your business.

A well planned, thought out social media strategy can help your business profit by building up your brand loyalty. When your social strategy is well-honed, you’ll strengthen the relationship with current customers, as well. Social media actually improves your credibility.

How can you make social media an asset to your business? Here are 4 steps we recommend here at Quantus Creative LLC:

Drive Traffic to Your Website – and this is more than just with pictures. You need the right feel and tone, and by looking at other sites in your industry, you can learn which products are sellers and what the trends are that everyone is following. Then post content on your website that is relevant. Make regular postings that viewers can relate to in the industry. This helps potential clients and current clients to feel they can connect with you and that your site is more than just a place to buy – it is a place they can learn from, too.

Learn What the Demographics are Wanting – you can do this by following and reading tweets, status updates and make sure your company’s brand is complementing with the activities in your demographics. You want to find out what people are buying from your competitors so that you can add that to your line. One great way to do this is to ask your customer base for feedback and then follow up on those.

Find the key influencers of what is selling online and then forge a relationship. This puts you on your potential customer’s radar, and that will enhance your image and message. You can engage those key influencers by posting content frequently on the social networks that are relevant to your products and services and what they say they want.

Pay attention – when it comes to effective social strategy and using it as an extension of your customer service department, you need to monitor the responses and make sure they are friendly and professional, and most of all, prompt. More and more of the public is depending on social media to air their complaints or make compliments instead of making a phone call. When you have a negative comment, a quick response that isKnowledgeable is key. No business wants unflattering posts, but you’ll get them. Use them to your advantage to offer assistance to the person that posted it.


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