5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Website Design Company in Tulsa
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The digital age has changed how we do business today, regardless the industry all around the world, including Tulsa. The internet is as common now as breathing. Companies of all sizes have a website to increase their visibility locally or around the world.

Not every company has the same requirements for their website. As such, there are websites that are “right,” and there are websites that are “wrong.” To get the “right” website, you must choose the website design company that knows what is “right” for your business.

How do you know if a Tulsa website design company is right for your business? No doubt, you can find multiple companies that claim they can provide you website design services. Some are very affordable, and some seem outrageous. Of course, you have the adage in your mind “You get what you pay for,” but do you?

Here at Quantus Creative, we’d like to tell everyone that we’re the right company. That being said, we know that we may not be for you.  So, we offer the following tips:

Your Requirements are Your Guideline

1. List the Requirements: Your first step is to list all of the requirements you want to be fulfilled from your Tulsa-based company’s website. This will be the checklist you’ll use when the website is completed to make sure you got everything you wanted. A professional website design company will analyze your list and make sure they understand your needs, your business theme and business standards. They will then tell you what is possible and not possible and they will offer alternatives.

2. Website Use: You want your website to be user-friendly so make sure the website design company you choose understands this. It should be easy to navigate and should move quickly when loading pages. You should also make sure the company you choose to work with knows what SEO friendly is and have them explain how they work with that so that you drive more Tulsa customers to your site.

3. Check Their References: Before you sign a contract with any website design company, check their references in Tulsa and other areas, as well. Surf the websites they have designed. Any reputable company will have a portfolio to offer you, if they don’t, ask for it. If they don’t have one, they may not be the right company for you.

4. Customers’ Satisfaction: While checking those references, weigh the feedback you get from the clients. The more positive feedback, the better. Ask these clients questions, and if they can’t answer them, you should check back with the company with any concerns.

5. Choose a Tulsa website design company that has good customer service from the receptionist to the website designer.  You should be able to have direct communication with the designer that is assigned to you and make sure you are accessible to them, as well. Ask them what their turnaround time is for returning calls and emails. If it is more than 24 hours, this is not the right company. It should be within the same business day for a professional website design company.


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