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10 Tips to Generate Customer Reviews

As a consumer, you get invitations and requests to complete a survey and leave a review at restaurants and stores, usually on the back of a receipt or by email. But as a business owner, do you realize the importance of those survey results and review? Is your opinion of Google Reviews or Yelp a “they aren’t anything more than just free advertisement”?

Well, you may be surprised just how much those reviews from past customers really affect future customers. Especially for small, local businesses! So how can you generate reviews for your business? There are several ways to do this, but here we’re going to share some ways we have found to be the best that generated more business.

1.Local Bloggers

Yes, there are people that blog about their experiences about their day-to-day activities and that includes the roofer they dealt with or their trip to the grocery store, even where they went for dinner last night. They are one of the best ways to get the word out about a local business because they are considered an authority on sites like NextDoor and Urbanspoon. These are where reviews are used as a metric.

2. Review Handouts

A second way to generate reviews is the use of Review Handouts which will allow you to give your customers instructions in their hand on how to write a review for your business on sites like Google and/or Yelp. The instructions should be clear and easy, but detailed, so your customers, aka, users can follow the instructions and leave a review of your business.

3. Send Out Thank You Postcards

Another way to generate review is so simple. A thank you card does a lot for business. It makes a customer feel special and builds your relationship with them. A thank you card that has a QR code that takes them where they can leave a review easily is a great way to generate more business. And review sites like Google, Yelp, and Urbanspoon offer free or inexpensive promotional material that requests users to leave a review on your profile page.

4. Generate Views via Facebook Advertising

Social Media is a way to reach more people, inexpensively. By targeting a Facebook Custom Audience, you can drive reviews from specific customers by their name, email address, or Facebook profile. It takes a little time investment to collect customer names, emails or profiles, but then you can create ads that target those customers and ask them for a review of your company, the product or service they received.

5. Promotional Materials

Google, Yelp, Urbanspoon and other review sites have promotional materials that allow you to ask your customers for a review on their site. Some are free and others are inexpensive.  Either way, it’s a great way to get those reviews you need.

6. Email Existing Customers

As you gather your existing customer’s email address, send them a follow-up email, requesting their feedback for the product or service they purchased from your company.

7 “Adding a Review Link to you Emails”

It is easy to add a link to your Google+ or Yelp review page, and best of all, it isn’t intrusive. Ask your customer to leave their review and to follow you, too.

8. Setting up Review Landing Pages

You already know how important a website is for any business these days. Go one step further and set up a review landing page, linked with the testimonials page, and it is easy for your customers to leave their review.

9. All Reviews Should Get a Pro-Active Response

We all want to be heard, including customers. Regardless if you receive a negative or positive review, always respond with a pro-active reply.

10. Just Ask Them

The best way to get what you want is to ask for it – and that includes reviews. Create a process where each team member is responsible for asking every customer to leave a review.


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